Just Japan Podcast 115: Red Dragon Diaries

In Episode 115 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with Tom Gates of the Red Dragon Diaries YouTube channel. Hailing from the United States, Tom ‘s popular YouTube channel contains videos about daily life in Korea (and now Japan), teaching and Judo. His passion for Judo makes his videos a fascinating take on life in Korea that we don’t see with other vloggers. Tom has also written a book for those interested in life in Korea called “Destiny Nation: Korea.” Tom talks about his time in Korea, his book as well as finding a place to train in Judo when in Japan.


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This week we chat with Tom Gates of the Red Dragon Diaries on YouTube.

Check out all of Tom’s work and get his contact info at reddragondiaries.com

Don’t forget to check out Tom’s book “Destiny Nation: Korea.”



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Check out some of Tom’s videos that we talked about in this week’s episode of the podcast:



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