Just Japan Podcast 112: Visit Incredible Kobe

In Episode 112 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with City of Kobe Public Relations Specialist Louise Dendy. They talk about how Louise came to Japan as well as her current role promoting the City of Kobe. What makes Kobe so unique and charming? Why should more people visiting Japan take the time to stop over in Kobe? Kevin and Louise also talk about the Kobe PR Ambassadors program. This is a new initiative from the City of Kobe that has English-speaking foreign volunteers promoting the city on social media (Kevin -the host- is a Kobe PR Ambassador).

Kevin also talks about the awesome, but limited time Just Japan Podcast t-shirt campaign (only available until July 4th, 2016) and helping nature witht the Birds of Kansai Facebook page!


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Photo Credit: Omar Carter (Check out his great Instagram account)


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This week’s guest: Louise Dendy (City of Kobe PR Specialist)

Kobe PR Ambassadors on Facebook (LIKE the page)

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City of Kobe website (English)





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A few weeks ago I was a guest on the ALT Insider Podcast! if you are into Japan, here’s another great (and regularly uploaded) Japan-centric podcast. I’d suggest subscribing!


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