Just Japan Podcast 113: Dog Days of Summer

In Episode 113 of the podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with returning guests, Pee Jay, Andrew Higgins and Jim Mullins “Mully” about life in Japan during the summer months. The Japanese summer has a reputation for being extremely humid and hot. Living or traveling here can be a challenge for many during the Dog Days of Summer. The four long-term residents of Japan chat about what it’s really like during the Japanese summer and what they and others do in order to “beat the heat.”

Kevin also talks about the awesome, but limited time Just Japan Podcast t-shirt campaign (only available until July 4th, 2016).


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This week’s podcast guests:

Andrew Higgins (Higgins in Japan): Facebook YouTube Twitter

Kansai Pee Jay: YouTube Twitter

Jim Mullins: Mully’s Place (one stop for everything)



Support the Just Japan Podcast by picking up a shirt! This teespring campaign ends on July 4th, 2016 and we haven’t achieved our goal yet! Don’t wait til it’s too late! Order today! Shirts available in a wide range of sizes!

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