5 Must Eat Japanese Noodles

Here at Just Japan Stuff we not only create podcasts to share Japan with you, but sometimes we like to write posts in order to share information about things to do, places to visit and of course, things to eat.

Noodles are always a popular food to eat in Japan. Warm noodles in the colder winter months to make you feel cozy or cold ones during the dog days of summer to cool you down and help you feel refreshed.

Here are some of the best noodle dishes available throughout most of Japan.



Udon noodles are a very common noodles consumed in Japan. They are very thick and made from wheat flour.

They are often served hot with a broth made from dashi, soy sauce and mirin. During the summer months some people enjoy them served cold.

These noodles can be eaten at restaurants, purchased at convenience stores or bought at supermarkets.



Soba noodles are thin and made from buckwheat flour. A very healthy food option, soba can be served in a hot broth or in the summer months, cold with a dipping sauce (sometimes mixed with wasabi).

Soba noodles can be purchased at a variety of price ranges at restaurants and are often available in convenience stores in the warmer months. Dry soba noodles are always available at supermarkets.

Most Japanese families don’t serve soba noodles to children until they are 4-5 years old due to allergy risks.



Cold somen noodles (a great summer treat)

These are a very thin style of noodles made from wheat flour. Somen is normally served cold with a light dipping sauce. It is popular to serve in the summer with ice cubes to make it especially cold. It is a refreshing meal during the hot summer months.

Nagashi somen

Nagashi somen is a popular summer treat, especially at events and at kindergartens. The noodles move down a long bamboo trough in flowing water. People grab the noodles from the trough using chopsticks. This is a fun summertime culinary activity.




The word “yakisoba” literally means, “fried buckwheat noodles.” This would lead you to believe that the noodles are actually buckwheat, but in fact are simply wheat flour noodles.

Yakisoba is a very popular festival food. Dishes like fried chicken, corn dogs and Yakisoba can be seen being prepared at street stalls (yatai) and is very popular with both adults and children.

The dish consists of ramen-like noodles cooked in a brown yakisoba sauce with small bits of pork and a variety of chopped vegetables. It is also normally served with a red or pink colored ginger.




Ramen is a very popular noodle dish in Japan. Chinese style wheat noodles are served in a hot fish-based broth that is often flavoured with soy sauce or miso. Sliced pork and green onions are normally part of a typical ramen dish. Each region of Japan has its own variants and styles of ramen.


When visiting Japan you’ll find yourself in a culinary paradise. There are so many wonderful foods to try and things to drink. Noodle dishes are a great thing to enjoy if in a hurry or you’re in need of something to warm you up in the winter or cool you down in the summer.


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