Just Japan Podcast 149: Sumo in Osaka

In Episode 149 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with well-known YouTube Sumo wrestling commentator Jason Harris (Jason’s All Sumo Channel). They chat about the 2017 Osaka Sumo Tournament and the first tournament for newly minted Yokozuna Kisenosato. He’s the first Japanese born Yokozuna in almost 20 years and its causing a big stir here in Japan. Sumo attendance is up and so is support for the sport. Find out news from the sumo world and some predictions from Jason.


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New Sumo Grand Champion Kisenosato. 


This week’s guest was Jason Harris from “Jason’s All Sumo Channel” on YouTube. SUBSCRIBE to his channel.


Check out the Harvest Kobe page and learn more about Agri-Tourism in Kobe, Japan. Watch me and my family enjoy persimmons in the video below:




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