Starbucks Neighborhood and Coffee in Kobe, Japan

Today I had a new coffee experience. my wife suggested we check out a new Starbucks branch in Kobe. She said it is behind the NHK building in Motomachi. I assumed it would simply be a new branch and I could get my hands on the Sakura Latte. 

When we found the location it was easy to see that it wasn’t a standard Starbucks location, but one of only four Starbucks: Neighborhood and Coffee locations in Japan.

It has a different menu than a standard Starbucks. It is pricier, but you get what you pay for. We enjoyed some lovely lattes and my kids had juice and cookies.

The atmosphere is a little more “high class” with a comfortable decor. This location even had a special “dogs room” for customers who want to enjoy coffee with their dogs.

Although I’ve been told by Just Japan Stuff coffee writer, Sarah Matsumoto that similar locations in America haven’t faired so well, I have a feeling this is a place that will do well in Kobe.

Kobe has something of an “upscale feel” as far as Japanese cities go. That’s also the reputation it has in Japan. It’s known for it’s international culture, cafes and sweet shops. I think this upscale Starbucks has all of those things. It is the ideal place for young Japanese visitors to Kobe to get that “international feel.”

Outside the Starbucks: Neighborhood and Coffee location in Kobe, Japan.


The interior has a different feel from a standard Starbucks location. 
My daughter checking out the dog room!


The menu. Note that they have beer and wine!


My latte!
Nice mugs and saucers. Maybe a little on the pricey side for many (myself included). 


The location in Kobe, Japan.


The writer: 

Kevin O’Shea is the host of the Just Japan Podcast and the Just Japan News Podcast. He is also the guy behind JustJapanStuff. Kevin is a Canadian educator who lives in Kobe, Japan with his family.

Follow him on Twitter: @jlandkev




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