Spring Means Sakura Latte Season


If you’re like me, Starbucks at Christmas time in Japan is one of the few places I truly feel the Christmas spirit. It is one of my favorite times of year.

Well, it’s my favorite time of year until the 15th of February. That’s the date every year that Starbucks reminds us that spring is just around the corner with their signature “Japan only” line of spring drinks.


The Sakura latte and frappuccino are an amazing mixture of sweet with a hint of sour. This year the famous mixture includes a maple whip cream topping with cute, pink rice crackers, topped with Sakura shaved pink chocolate. It is one of my favorite Sakura lattes in years.


Another thing that I particularly enjoy is the whole line of ceramic mug cups, tumblers and the collectible Starbucks cards.

This year the product line will be released in two phases. The first line is called “Harmony” which has a stronger cherry color and the next line will come on March 1st. That one is called “Purity.” Purity has a cooler, light pink theme.


If you’re looking for a nice, smooth and tasty latte, a Sakura latte or frappuccino is the perfect drink to remind you that this winter will soon be gone!


Written by Sarah Matsumoto (photos too)

Sarah Matsumoto is a Kansai based coffee enthusiast and caffeinated blogger. She can be found on Twitter: @kobeses



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