Just Japan Podcast 132: runAway Japan

In Episode 132 of the podcast, host Kevin O’Shea talks with Dean Newcombe. Dean is the person behind the exciting adventure TV show, “runAway Japan.” “How far would you go to discover the soul of Japan?” is the tagline for this unique take on Japan. Dean and his cast mates make their way around Japan using only human power. Watch them run, cycle, kayak, climb and power their way around Japan in a grueling and challenging way. They push themselves and explore the culture and beauty of Japan.

Dean talks about his background in Japan as well as charity work he has done in the past. He also explains the evolution of “runAway Japan” as well as it’s future.


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The runAway Season ONE Trailer!




Check out the pilot episode that Dean and I chat about a lot at the beginning of the podcast episode.








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