Birds for Kumamoto (Help the People of Kumamoto)

Hey there everyone!

As you are all aware, recently there was a series of devastating earthquakes here in Japan. The southern island of Kyushu was hit with a number of earthquakes and the city of Kumamoto was hit very hard. many people lost their lives and the damage to houses, businesses, infrastructure and historical monuments was significant.

In order to help out I have put together a photo book called “Birds for Kumamoto.” You can purchase this book from

Screen shot 2016-04-23 at 9.35.24 PM

These are some of my best bird photos. I am an amateur nature photographer and thought that those of you out there with an interest in both Japan and the natural world might like this soft covered book. I you purchase the book you’ll be helping those in ned and also have a great piece of Japan in your house.

100% of the profits will be sent to the Japan Red Cross to help in relief efforts of those affected by the earthquakes.

Thank you so much everyone!



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