I Don’t Require Your Sympathy

Here’s the deal. Got an odd and head-scratching comment on my video about an abandoned building Sunday. A viewer said that every time they see me they “feel sorry for me”! “Kevin you so hard for your family and don’t get any recognition for it.”

If there’s one thing in life I don’t need is sympathy. I don’t need sympathy cause I have things quite good in my opinion. Although I’m not rich, I have a job teaching, something I went to university to become (as in I’m not settling to teach because I am a licensed professional teacher) that pays more than most in the same field here in Japan. I have a loving wife, healthy and happy kids, a great and dedicated viewership on YouTube, a published book, good friends and many interests in life.

I do work hard as a parent to provide the best for my family, but shouldn’t everyone in my position? I realize that some don’t, but most parents work extremely hard to provide the best for their children. There doesn’t tend to be recognition for that in the form of medals or certificates. It’s your duty as a parent to do all you can to provide for those you support.

Also, I do get recognition everyday. Every time my son smiles and says, “I love you Daddy”, I’m rewarded. When my daughter sees me and smiles I win! When my wife thanks me for working so hard (honestly, I have a relatively easy job), I’m rewarded. I’m sure all parents out there feel the same way.

Being a teacher is the same. Most teachers in Canada, America, England, etc. work extremely hard and are not given awards. Some are, most are not. Their reward is teaching their kids. Watching their students grow and learn. Making a difference in the lives of the children in their class is what counts.

If one expects praise and rewards, becoming a teacher or even a parent may not be for you!

I work hard as a parent because it is my duty and responsibility. I do it out of love and pride. I’m a teacher for many of the same reasons. I teach out of pride. There’s an amazing sense of personal reward and satisfaction when you see your students learn.

This is pretty ranty, but just wanted to address an odd comment.

Thanks for all the support on YouTube! Now your encouragement keeps my love of YouTube alive. Much appreciated!


(A guy who’s really lucky to be living such a great life in Japan!)

Two reasons why I’m so darn lucky!

(This post was originally posted on my BusanKevin Facebook page)


One comment

  1. You go Kevin! I started reading your blog and watching your videos recently, and you do well in not listening to those comments. After all, the lifestyle / choices you make that make you happy are yours and yours alone.

    Keep up the awesome job!

    (sorry for the late reply – just realized now that this is a month and a half old)

    Inês from Portugal


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