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  1. Hi, Kevin. I’m working on a project about parents teaching their young children how to speak English as a second language. Are you and your wife still teaching your son English? About how much time do you spend on it daily? Can you tell me some of the techniques that worked best?
    Thank you!


  2. Hi there,

    I have a colleague who will be moving from Canada to Japan in a few weeks. We’ll miss him but it is an exciting time for him.

    We want to put a package together for him as a going away gift and wondered if you might have any suggestions for Canadian items (food? trinkets? anything) that you miss or wished you had over there?

    Great blog!


  3. Hey Kevin, really enjoy your videos about life in Japan. I just saw a documentary on NHK about the plight of young women in Japan. I was shocked at how many truly poor people live in Japan. The documentary stated the poverty line in Japan is $11,000/Yr. This documentary featured three young women who were working mostly part-time jobs(pay was was between $6 to $8 dollars). The documentary ended with a section about Japanese women who were working at “Sex” clubs. Apparently some women can make up to $3000/month. The clubs get a lot of applicants. It was shocking to see how some in the 3rd largest economy in the world are barely getting by. One of the women claimed getting welfare benefits in Japan is really difficult(she said it can take up to 3 months). Keep up the videos. I am in California but I plan on moving to SE Asia in the near future. I have been to Japan a few times(it was really expensive and really cold). I enjoyed it and was surprised to see a Brazilian women selling perfume at Narita(she spoke Japanes well).


  4. Hi, I recently became a fan of yours and love your podcasts. However, the one from Okinawa really dissapointed me. As a native Okinawan I dont feel okininjakitty gave a good depiction of life in Okinawa. She mentioned mainly weather and traffic but oh there is so much more. First of course they sell bathing suits in Okinawa, its a tropical island for gods sake. Also she said if you like culture you should come to Okinawa (way to sell it). There is culture all over Japan so not a very good way of enticing people to go. So let me explain why people would be interested in Okinawa. First it has the most beautiful beaches and waters youv’e ever seen. It is famous for its diving spots and it really has that laid back island feel. The food is AMAZING. Our dishes differ from mainland and we are famous for our Okinawa Soba. I mean there is just tons to do. I could go on forever but just wanted to let you know how special Okinawa really is and hope you get to experience it for yourself one day.


  5. Hi Kevin, I couldn’t find a contact form so I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment here. I’ve just discovered your podcast and have really been enjoying it. I work in Japan on a self-sponsored visa as a teacher, writer, and also a wedding celebrant. I haven’t seen any episodes about wedding celebrant work for foreigners in Japan so if you think that’s a topic you’d be interested in discussing on your show, drop me a line. You can contact me through my website, http://www.percivalconstantine.com/contact.


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