Children’s Bento Boxes in Japan

Here are some more examples of amazing homemade bentos for children. My wife made my kids’ bentos every day when they were kindergarten students in Japan. Lots of love went into every lunch!

If you haven’t already seen the “Bento Boxes (Homemade) – Japanese lunch boxes” post, go check it out!

Here are a few more bentos for you to enjoy!


A Peppa Pig bento for my daughter. The lunch box also includes sausage, chiqua (rolled fish cake), tomato, strawberry and a chicken nugget.
Yokai Watch themed bento for my son.
Cute little bento for my daughter. The face on the rice is made using salmon sprinkles (pink) and black sesame seeds.
A sandwich bento. Ham sandwiches as well as jelly sandwiches.
More happy rice balls in my son’s lunch. There’s also edamame, egg, salmon, kiwi, ham, and apple.
Pizza and cherries!


Hope you enjoyed more homemade bento box goodness from Japan!



The writer:

Kevin O’Shea is the host of the Just Japan Podcast. He is also the guy behind Kevin is a Canadian educator who lives in Beijing, China with his family. Kevin called Kobe, Japan home for 10 years. 

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