Just Japan Podcast 177: From Teaching to Farming

JJP host Kevin chats with Damian Hackett, an Australian teacher living in Japan. After nearly 15 years as a teacher in Japan, Damian is taking the leap from the education sector to the agricultural sector. That’s right! He’s about to become a farmer in Japan. Learn more about his fascinating story and how he and his family will move from urban Kansai to rural Hiroshima Prefecture to become farmers. You’ll love this story!


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Fram country in Japan. Due to the geography, farms are normally small and spread out through valleys. 


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  1. Having lived in Japan for a long time, in the cities, but coming from the countryside in England I could really relate to Damian’s desire to get back to nature. As a businessman though, I wasn’t sure he’d thought through all the possible ramifications. I really wish him luck and perhaps you can give us an update in 12 months or so?


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