Just Japan Podcast 175: Awa Odori and Japanese Festivals

JJP host Kevin chats with first time guest, Kaori about Awa Odori (Awa Dancing), a famous style of traditional dancing from Tokushima in Japan. Kaori explains what this style of dancing is and how she got involved in this very fun and energetic folk tradition in Japan. This week’s show also features a piece by contributor Felicity Tillack about her really interesting Stay Japan experience.


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Awa Dancen-festival-a-20170813

This week’s guest is Kaori from @BuckedByTheStar on Twitter (Go Follow Her)





Check out Kaori’s interview on the YouTube channel Notes for Nomads about Awa Odori:



Check out the very awesome Only in Japan YouTube channel’s scoop on Awa Odori:


Felicity Tillack from episode 174 joins us with a great piece about her Stay Japan experience. Contact her on Twitter @WhereNextJapan





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