AVOID the BITTER Gaijin!

You’ve just come to Japan to work or study.

You are excited and TOTALLY PUMPED to start your new adventure in this amazing new country.

This is going to be an AMAZING experience. You have such a Genki and excited attitude.

A few days later…

Then you enter a “Gaijin Bar” (drinking establishment frequented foreigners) and you discover the NEGATIVE ZONE!

There is definitely a fair share of foreigners in Japan with very negative attitudes towards Japan, Japanese people and Japanese culture. Many of them are foreigners who have been here a long time. They’ve been here a long time and they hate the place. They hate the place and they are MORE than willing to share their opinions whether you want to hear them or not.

These folks tend to be bitter and negative for a wide variety of reasons. Some have been stung by employers. Some have had bad experiences in romantic relationships. Some have substance abuse or emotional issues. Some are just grumpy people.

I have noticed that many of these “Bitter Gaijin” are still bitter once they leave Japan and return to their native countries leading me to believe they would be bitter no matter where they are in the world.

My advice…

When you first come to Japan to live/work/study and you meet a bitter Gaijin….walk away.

Walk away and hang out with positive people. Hang out with Japanese people who love Japan. Hang out with foreigners who love Japan.

Foreigners who love Japan…

There are many of us!



The writer:

Kevin O’Shea is the host of the Just Japan Podcast and the Just Japan News Podcast. He is also the guy behind JustJapanStuff. Kevin is a Canadian educator who lives in Kobe, Japan with his family.

Follow him on Twitter: @jlandkev

Facebook: Facebook.com/justjapanstuff

Email: justjapanpodcast@gmail.com


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