Just Japan Podcast 155: What the Heck Japan!?

In Episode 155 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea is joined by friends of the show, Andrew Higgins from the “Higgins in Japan” YouTube channel and Jason from NapaJapan.com. They talk about the Great Japanese Potato chip Shortage, North Korea acting like poop-heads, Andrew’s recent move and other topics. Kevin also announces that he’ll be leaving Japan with his family later this year for new adventures in China! Have no fear, the Just Japan Podcast will keep going!



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This week’s guests were Andrew “Higgins in Japan” Higgins and Jason from NapaJapan.com


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The Great Potato Chip Shortage!

A photo Andrew Higgins took of a supermarket north of Tokyo last week. 



I snapped this picture in a local supermarket in Kobe, japan last week. 

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