Just Japan Podcast: Community Project – iLoveJapan

Why do you love Japan? Do you love Japanese culture, food, history or fashion? Time for the Just Japan Podcast community to get involved in an episode! Host Kevin O’Shea announces a fun listener community project. Record yourself telling us why you love/like Japan and your clip will be added to a “iLoveJapan” episode in the near future! Be part of this fun collaborative podcast project! Kevin also talks about justjapanstuff.com and his work to make it more of a “Japan Everything” hub!

Submissions can be a few minutes long or short and sweet!

Email them: justjapanpodcast@gmail.com


How to: There are a few ways you can do this. Record the audio clip on any recorder (smart phones are a nice and easy way to do it). The internal mics on those devices are absolutely fine! Then email it to me. If you only have a camera to record, upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video, email me the link and I’ll rip the audio from it!



“My name is _______. I’m from _________. I like/love Japan because _______.”

DEADLINE – March 31st, 2017


Join the fun! Look forward to hearing your recording!


Also, here is a link to ALL 149 episodes of the Just Japan Podcast! iTunes only carries the most recent 99.





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