Become a Kobe PR Ambassador!

It’s the second year for calling all people to become Kobe PR Ambassadors. Well, all people who are foreign English-speaking residents of the City of Kobe. The City of Kobe would like your help to promote Kobe to the rest of the world!

How can I do that? Well, it’s quite easy. If you live in the city of Kobe, enjoy the place, can communicate in English and have a solid grasp of social media, then you can be a Kobe PR (Public Relations) Ambassador.

You and your fellow Ambassadors can tweet about the wonderful things you see and do in the city. You can share the happenings on Facebook and Instagram via photos and videos. Are you a YouTuber? Perfect, why not video blog life in the City of Kobe? Are you a blogger? Write about the city. Where are the best places to visit and the best things to eat? What are some “off the beaten path” places foreign travelers would like to explore?

Share your passion about the city you live in with the world.

I have been a Kobe PR Ambassador during the past year and it has been a great experience. I have met some really fun people who are fellow Ambassadors and have gone on some great tours of the city with them.


After living in Kobe for nearly 10 years, becoming a Kobe PR Ambassador rekindled a curiosity in the city I hadn’t had in some time. I really wanted to get out of the house and head to festivals to document them using the special PR Ambassador hashtags and links. I was more keen to share my urban nature photography to showcase the abundance of natural beauty within the city itself.

Becoming a Kobe PR Ambassador gave me a sense of community belonging too. Sometimes it’s not easy to find volunteer positions when you live in a foreign country. Volunteer positions that allow you to contribute to the place you live in a positive way. When you become a PR Ambassador, your volunteer efforts, as simple as they may seem (you probably already enjoying sharing images and moments of Kobe via social media) do make a positive difference. They show people outside Japan just how awesome this city is.

Often when travelers think of visiting Japan they only think of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Your social media promotion can help show those people that Kobe is a place definitely worth taking the time to visit. Your tweets, pictures and blog posts will help boost the local economy, the buy local movement, urban agriculture, spotlight local history, food and culture.

You can apply from February 1st – 28th, 2017 on the City of Kobe website (this link).

If you live in Kobe and have a passion for the city, take the time to hare it on social media and become a Kobe PR Ambassador.


Scan this QR code to learn more!


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