Just Japan Podcast 136: Radio DJ in Japan

In Episode 136 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with radio DJ and podcaster Matt Medix. Matt was a successful Internet radio DJ in the United States when a Japanese terrestrial station recruited him and brought him to Japan. He has worked both as a successful radio DJ and as a member of the game development industry here in Japan. Matt has done a lot of exciting things in this country and you’re going to love his story! He is also the host of the Rest Radio Show Podcast!

Kevin also talks about the Japan Podtacular podcast meet up on December 28th and answers your “Japan Questions” in the mail bag section of the show!


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This week’s guest is Matt Medix, the host of the Rest Radio Show:

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Come and hangout with MOI (Kevin….host of the Just Japan podcast) as well as Jim Mullins, host of the Just Japan Podcast at Japan Podtacular 2016 in Kobe, Japan on December 28th. There will be other podcasters there as well as some cool listeners. Everyone is invited! Check out the Facebook page for more information. 


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I’ve started writing a new blog series about connecting children with nature. It’s all about combating climate change/environmental problems by creating a new generation of kids who will care about the natural world. This series has nothing to do with Japan, but is something I am very passionate about as a parent, teacher, naturalist and human! Eventually I hope to combine all the blog posts into a short guidebook for parents and educators. This will hopefully be self-published as an eBook on Amazon and as a paperback (will figure that out once I have the content). You can find it over on busankevin.com. Come on over and check it out!



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