Just Japan Podcast 123: Questions About Japan

In Episode 123 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea flies solo answering your questions about Japan. Kevin discusses the challenges of raising children in an international family, things he would miss about Japan he would mis if he left, Japanese food he likes, etc. Kevin also talks about a new (second) podcast on the horizon and the upcoming December 2016 Just Japan Podcast/Mully’s Place Podcast live event and meet up in Kobe!


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A new podcast with host Kevin O’Shea is on the way. This will be a non-Japan related show focusing on pop culture, TV, retro stuff, games, movies, tech and other cool things! Coming soon in a new feed….


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Check out the video I was talking about in this episode. My family goes to a sea turtle rehabilitation event in Kobe, Japan.



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