Just Japan Podcast 121: Entertaining Yourself Then and Now

In Episode 121 of the podcast, host Kevin O’Shea welcomes back regular guests Mully and Pee Jay. Mully and Pee Jay are both long-term expat residents of Japan who arrived here in the early 1990’s. What did they do for entertainment in the days before the Internet was around? How did they make friends before there was social networking? Were there English TV shows on Japanese stations? How does the entertainment and social landscape look today as compared to when they first landed in Japan?

Pee Jay and Mully also give some advice to people thinking of coming to Japan for the first time.


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This weeks guests are Mully and Pee Jay!

Check out everything going on with Mully at mullysplace.com

Find out more about Pee Jay on his YouTube channel.



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