A Tour of Kita Park – Kobe, Japan


Kita Park is a well-known park located on Port Island in Kobe, Japan. A popular spot for locals to visit throughout the year, there is no admission charge. If you are visiting Kobe or live in the city, it’s well-worth visiting if you have the time.

Located along the Kobe waterfront you can easily relax for a few hours on a sunny morning or afternoon. There are great views of the downtown Kobe and it is a popular spot for photographers to take night shots of the famous Kobe skyline.


Courtesy of feel-kobe.jp

On any given day you can see fishermen along the edge of the park and nearby wharf. During the weekend the numbers of fishermen increase and it often becomes a family affair.


Families enjoy picnicking during the warmer months and the park is a great place to watch cruise ships dock at Port Terminal. If you’re into geocaching, there’s a pretty cool cache hidden in the park as well (I’m a geocacher).

Occasionally you might be lucky enough to catch a Taiko group (Japanese traditional drumming) practicing under Kobe Bridge.

During the summer this is one of the most popular spots in the city to view the Kobe Fireworks. The Kobe Fireworks are one of the biggest highlights of the year in the city and are a “must see” if you’re in town. This year (2016) the fireworks will be on August 6th.

The park can be accessed by car, but you’ll have to pay for parking.

You can reach the park on foot or by bicycle from Sannomiya across Kobe Bridge on the clearly marked walking/cycling path.

Leaving Port Terminal station. Foot path along Kobe Bridge. Head this way to get to Kita Park. 
Foot/Bike path along Kobe Bridge.

The park can also be accessed via the Port Liner. You can get off at Port Terminal Station and walk to the park or get off at Naka Koen Station.


As a Kobe City Public Relations Ambassador (volunteer promoting the city) and a resident who simply loves living here, I’ll be writing more posts like this about different areas of the city your should take the time to visit.

For more about Kobe check out the Kobe PR Ambassadors Facebook page.


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All photos in this blog are my own unless otherwise credited.



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