Just Japan Podcast 93: Living in Tokyo

In Episode 93 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with returning panelists Hikosaemon and Jenny Silver about living in Tokyo, Japan’s largest city. Life in Tokyo is certainly different than in other parts of Japan. It’s bigger, more crowded, maybe more expensive, but it’s also more exciting and has more ammenities than other parts of the country. Kevin chats with two people who have a lot of experience living in Tokyo and enjoying the city to the fullest! There are many good reasons why so many people not only want to visit Tokyo, but live there as well.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 2015 was a great year for the podcast and 2016 will be even better! Thanks for your continued support!


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Just Japan Podcast 93: Living in Tokyo
Just Japan Podcast 93: Living in Tokyo


This week’s guests:

Hikosaemon (Check out his awesome YouTube channel)

Jenny Silver (Check out her very cool YouTube channel)




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