Just Japan Podcast 79: Stereotypes, Retiring and Angry Cops

In Episode 79 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea speaks with a panel of returning guests about their views on Japan. Hikosaemon of YouTube fame, video blogger KansaiPj as well as writer, Liam Carriagan chat with Kevin about a variety of topics generated by the Just Japan Podcast listeners. Is it true that typical Japanese salarymen don’t have time for their familes? How does health care in Japan compare to other countries’? Have we thought about retiring in Japan? Do police in Japan profile foreigners?

These questions and more are discussed on the weekly podcast about “Everything Japan”!


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Just Japan Podcast 79: Stereotypes, Retiring and Angry Cops
Just Japan Podcast 79: Stereotypes, Retiring and Angry Cops


This episode’s guests are Hikosaemon, KansaiPJ and Liam Carrigan. You can find these guys online here:

Check out Hikosaemon on YouTube.

Hikosaemon on Twitter: @hikosaemon


Check out KansaiPJ’s YouTube channel.

Follow PeeJay on Twitter: @kansai_pj


Follow Liam on Twitter: @Liam6783

Read Liam’s writing over on GaijinPot.com



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    • Would appear to be an issue with stitcher. Another listener contacted me
      Via Facebook and told me the same thing. I’ll try to figure it out. There have been 3 more episodes out since then!


  1. I recently listened to this podcast and really enjoyed it. Please make another discussion podcast like this with Hikosaemon! I’m a university student (currently studying abroad in Japan) and I both value the wisdom of and always learn a lot from the both of you.


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