Just Japan Podcast 61: Tokyo Cheapo

In Episode 61 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea talks to Greg Lane, cofounder of the site TokyoCheapo.com. Tokyo Cheapo busts the myth that everything about visiting or living in Tokyo is expensive. Learn about the humble beginnings of this useful and diverse travel and lifestyle website. Greg also explains how it has grown into the popular and successful site it is today. Where can you get cheap food and accomodations in Tokyo? How can you see city sites on the cheap? Is it really posible to spend 3 days and 2 nights for 10,000 Yen? It’s all at Tokyo Cheapo.

Kevin also talks about the results of the 2015 Podcast Awards, the amazing support of the Just Japan Podcast community (LOVE you guys), the SecretPandas podcast, upcoming episodes and chocolate!


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Just Japan Podcast 61: Tokyo Cheapo
Just Japan Podcast 61: Tokyo Cheapo

Check out the Tokyo Cheapo website for awesome information about Tokyo.


Pre-Order the Tokyo Cheapo E-Book!
Pre-Order the Tokyo Cheapo E-Book!

If you’re interested in Tokyo, you’ll probably be interested in pre-ordering the Tokyo Cheapo E-Book!



In this episode of the podcast I mention the Secret Pandas Podcast (gaming podcast)…check it out!


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  1. This is so great and useful! Also, very timely as it has a lot to do with what we’re planning to discuss on our episode this week. We’ll be sure to tie it in!


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