Just Japan Podcast 58: Working as a Jazz Musician in Japan

In Episode 58 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea chats with American jazz musician Jesse Forest. Jesse came to Osaka, Japan a little more than 4 years ago and makes his living as a professional jazz guitar player. He makes his living performing live shows and doing studio recordings here in Japan.  Jesse talks about how he came to Japan, the jazz scene in Japan as well as places to buy musical equipement and where to practice in Japan.

In this episode Kevin also talks about the Mully’s Place Podcast Facebook page, the Osaka YouTube Hanami Party, the 2015 Podcast Awards, the new “Just Japan Podcast Patreon Campaign” and…ASK GOOGLE VOICE about Japan!


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Just Japan Podcast 58: Working as a Jazz Musician in Japan (with Jesse Forest)
Just Japan Podcast 58: Working as a Jazz Musician in Japan (with Jesse Forest)

EPISODE 58 guest:

Check out Jesse’s blog to see when he will be performing live in Japan.

Follow Jesse on Twitter: @jessedforest




The Mully’s Place Podcast now has a Facebook Page…go LIKE IT!

The Just Japan Podcast was nominated for a 2015 Podcast Award (Best Travel).

Osaka YouTube Hanami Party Facebook Page (April 11th, 2015)

I used the Edutige EIM-003 microphone and the ESL-006 extension table to record the “Mailbag Section.” Check out the Edutige website for some cool GoPro, iOS and Android mics!

Curious to know more about being tattooed in Japan? Listen to Episode 19 of the podcast “Tattooed in Japan.”




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