Just Japan Podcast 54: Life in Hokkaido


In Episode 54 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea speaks to Jason “aka J-San” of NapaJapan.com. Jason is a Canadian who lives and works in the most northern prefecture and island in Japan, Hokkaido. Jason talks about some of the employment opporunites in the city of Sapporo where he lives. Jason also talks about the weather, lifestyle and differences between life in Hokkaido versus other parts of Japan. Jason talks about NapaJapan.com, a service that allows you to purchase Japanese snacks and treats from anywhere in the world.

Kevin announces the FIRST ever Just Japan Podcast contest! You can win one of 3 Japanese snack packs from Napajapan.com simply by leaving a review and rating on iTunes or Stitcher! Listen to this episode for more details.


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Just Japan Podcast 54: Life in Hokkaido
Just Japan Podcast 54: Life in Hokkaido


In this episode Kevin interviews Jason of NapaJapan.com (a great place to buy all of your Japanese snacks, drinks and yummy eats!)

Check out napajapan.com for all your Japanese snack/bento/stationary needs.

Follow J-San on Twitter: @napaJapan


napajapan.com (a great shopping place for all your japanese snack needs)
napajapan.com (a great shopping place for all your japanese snack needs)


Thanks to napajapan.com the Just Japan podcast can announce it’s first CONTEST! You have until March 13th to leave a review or rating/ranking on either iTunes or Stitcher Radio and you will be added to the raffle (Everyone who has already left a review or rating will be automatically included in the contest). On March 13th 3 listeners will be chosen and those fine folks will win an awesome prize pack from napajapan.com. J-San will send you a box (air mail) anywhere in the world containing 12 awesome Japanese snack products! I will make the draw on my BusanKevin YouTube channel. The winners will be announced on the following week’s episode and the contact info will be forward to napajapan.com.

Thanks SOOOO much to napajapan.com for the prize pack and thanks to all you great folks who participate.

The 3 napajpan.com Prize packs might look like this!!!
The 3 napajpan.com Prize packs might look like this!!!




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Like I mentioned in the podcast…

I’ve created a new Facebook page. This is specifically about birds in Japan. If you are interested in nature, the outdoors, animals, etc., you may like this page…so LIKE this page! All photos are my own.

Birds of Kansai 関西の鳥

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.57.16 PM





  1. Thanks again for inviting me as a guest Kevin. Good luck to your listeners on the contest. Update…I will be adding even more products to each prize box.

    After the interview I noticed we ran out of time to talk about many other great aspects of Hokkaido, especially the cuisine. Whether it is ramen, genghis khan (grilled lamb), sushi, rich dairy products, or beer…I am positive people will be satisfied with the freshness and deliciousness of foods in the most northern island of Japan.

    Also, I forgot to mention that to access Hokkaido from overseas you will likely need to make a connecting flight from within Japan, unless you are traveling from Asia where direct flights are common.

    If anyone out there has any specific questions regarding life in Hokkaido, please contact me through my site. Just click on “Contact” at the bottom of the napajapan page and I will get back to you soon.



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