Everything You Want to Know About Japan! …and an award?

Earlier today I was sent a series of tweets by a Just Japan Podcast listener who is a big fan of the show. He told me that he had nominated the Just Japan Podcast for the 2015 Podcast Awards.

2015 Podcast Awards
2015 Podcast Awards


I thought to myself, “That’s pretty cool!”

I had never thought about nominating myself for an award. I realize that there are probably some pretty big names in the podcast world nominated in the various categories, but I think it would be fun to “have a go” at it!

Podcast listeners are allowed to nominate shows until February 2nd. I assume I will need a lot of nominations from listeners to actually be entered into a category and put into the running for an actual award!

This is where I am making a “call to arms” to the Just Japan Podcast listeners!

If you are a fan of the Just Japan Podcast, check out the 2015 Podcast Awards link and nominate us for an award. The Education or Travel (or both) categories seem to fit the show the best.

When they ask you for the podcast link, you can paste: http://busankevin.com


I’ve made a few YouTube videos about this and will make a quick podcast announcement about it tomorrow!

If enough people nominate me, we’ll find out if the Just Japan Podcast is in the running for an award in late February. Even if the show doesn’t win anything, it would definitely be great notoriety and help attract new listeners even if you were just an official nominee!


Thanks for the support!

Kevin/BusanKevin/host of the Just Japan Podcast/man about town


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