Just Japan Podcast 49: Kobe Earthquake (20 Years Later)

In Episode 49 of the Just Japan Podcast we look back on the Great Hanshi-Awaji Earthquake (Kobe Earthquake). It struck at 5:46 am on January 17th, 1995 while the people of the city of Kobe slept. This booming port city in Japan was crippled and thousands of people lost their lives. Host Kevin O’Shea discusses the history of the event and talks to Caterina, a Kobe native who lived through the event as well as Mai, who lived in nearby Osaka at the time of the earthquake. They share their first hand experiences of that terrible day.

This is a special episode for the Just Japan Podcast since the show is based in Kobe, Japan.


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Just Japan Podcast 49: Kobe Earthquake (20 Years Later)
Just Japan Podcast 49: Kobe Earthquake (20 Years Later)

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I’ve added some interesting documentaries about the Great Hanshin Earthquake (Kobe Earthquake) 阪神淡路大震災 below. I have watched them all and they are pretty interesting. It’s really amazing and frightening to actually see the destruction I discuss in this week’s podcast.

This is one documentary broken up into 4 short videos:


Another full documentary about the earthquake:



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