Just Japan Podcast 41: Opening a School in Japan (with Gimmeabreakman)


In Epsidoe 41 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea interviews Victor Boggio, aka Gimmeaflakeman/Gimmeabreakman of YouTube about owning and operating an English school (eikaiwa) in Japan. Aside from being a very well-known YouTube celebrity, Victor owns and operates his own English school here in Japan. Victor discusses the history of his school and talks about what goes into opening aschool. In this episode Kevin also talks about the oddness of being in Japan during the Christmas season.


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Just Japan Podcast 41: Owning a School in Japan (with Gimmeabreakman)
Just Japan Podcast 41: Owning a School in Japan (with Gimmeabreakman)


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His edited video channel on YouTube “Gimmeabreakman.”

Victor on Twitter: @Japanese4Morons




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