Just Japan Podcast 20: Japan and World Cup 2014

In Episode 20, host Kevin O’Shea talks to Liam Carrigan, a freelance soccer (football) writer, cohost of the “Half the World Away” football podcast and teacher in Japan. We talk about World Cup 2014 and Japan’s World Cup Team. We also chat about the  professional soccer scene here in Japan and soccer culture in general here in the Land of the Rising Sun. 


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Team Japan at World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
Team Japan at World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
FIFA World Cup 2014
FIFA World Cup 2014


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  1. Hi Kevin, good stuff. Liam: great to hear from another Cerezo fan, I think I might have talked to you at a party in a South American restaurant once. If I might say a few words in defense of my home country (USA): we probably won’t be winning the World Cup anytime soon, but we’re not a bad side. We’re the best in CONCACAF and number 13 in FIFA rankings. And while broad swaths of the country are solidly American football country, pro soccer has exploded in popularity particularly in the Pacific Northwest but also in California and some other big cities.

    Oh, and too bad Japan tied their game with Greece. They’re still alive, but it’s not looking too good.


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