Just Japan Podcast 14: Podcasting in Asia

In Episode 14 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea interviews two Asia-based podcasters about what it takes to start and maintain a podcast. Jim Mullins, a Japan-based podcaster has a show called “Mully’s Place”, a fun conversational style show with his friend Dave and wife Tomoko. Steve Miller, a Korea-based podcaster runs the “Asia News Weekly” podcast, a current affairs and news show that covers topics throughout Asia. Find out how they started podcasting, what eqipment they use and how they work hard to make every show even better than the last.


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Asia News Weekly podcast can be downloaded here (also contact host Steve Miller).

Podcasting is an awesome hobby that anyone can do!
Podcasting is an awesome hobby that anyone can do!


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I just wanted to thank all of the listeners who have ben enjoying the podcast so far. I appreciate all the wonderful feed back about the show and thank you for sharing the Just Japan Podcast!



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    More information can be provided if necessary.
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