Just Japan Podcast 1: Being a Long-Term Expat in Japan

The Just Japan Podcast is a new podcast about all things Japan. I am the host and weekly (or sometimes more) will bring you all aspects of life in Japan.

In Episode 1 of my new podcast Just japan, I interview Jim Mullins, an American who has been living and working in japan for 23 years. Jim is currently a teacher, musician and YouTuber living in a smaller Japanese city (Shizuoka).

You can find more about Mully, including his YouTube channel, blog and podcast here!

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Just Japan
Just Japan

All comments, ideas or questions can be emailed to me at busankevin@gmail.com

You can also contact me on Twitter @jlandkev



  1. Hi Kevin.
    Any chance of a non iTunes host for the pod casts? Perhaps as YouTube videos with static video or a soundcloud stream?
    I won’t use apple’s store ever since they lost my credit card info 2 years ago.

    Thanks for your consideration either way,


  2. Kevin I don’t have an iTunes capable machine- do you have any other ways to download these podcasts?

    Have you uploaded these to Libsyn or other host?


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