It All Happens Here!

I’ve decided that it’s finally time to start cleaning up my act and tidying house. It’s time to start consolidating and simplifying all that I me online. I thought the best way to do that would be to streamline my YouTube presence as well as change the way I blog. Well, at least change where I blog.

I’m cutting my four YouTybe channels down to only two. I will focus most of my energy on BusanKevin and some on jlandkev. I will try to update BusanKevin more frequently and will go with, for the most part, longer form videos. I’m also going to get a little more personal with my community and share more of my opinions on certain things. At times I may make things a little more edgy.

I’ve also created this space here. will be a place to come and see my videos and everything else I do online. It’ll be a one-stop shop. You can check out my Insatgram, Twitter and whatever else the heck I’m doing online right here.

I may also start working on book number two soon and will keep you posted on my progress. I’ll try to keep you in the creative loop.

Another big change will be my blog. From now on I will probably start posting my written blog here as opposed to my “Far Away Blog” site. That is a free Blogger site and has its limitations. Nothing will change as far as my writing goes, I’ll just be doing it here under the umbrella of

I hope this will make all of you guys and gals, my community more in tune with what I’m doing and thinking.

As ever, thanks for all the support and love!





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