Just Japan Podcast 173: Japanese Onsen and Ryokan

JJP host Kevin chats with Tokyo-based travel writer Rob Goss. Rob has written extensively about Japan for publications such as National Geographic and TIME magazine, and recently published a book about Japanese onsen and ryokan. Learn more about these traditional Japanese inns and hot springs and why you should experience them when you visit Japan.

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Find Rob Goss on Twitter: @RobGossWriter

Find Rob’s book about Japanese onsen and ryokan on Amazon.com!

Check out Rob’s author profile and other books on Amazon.




We also talked about this book:

Japan Traveler’s Companion: Japan’s Most Famous Sights From Okinawa to Hokkaido





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One comment

  1. I’m reading this book at the moment – I’m loving it so far – there are so few good guides to ryokan in English this is a welcome addition. Now to listen to your podcast – thanks!


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