Just Japan Podcast 50: Community Involvement


In Episode 50 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea looks at getting involved in the local Japanese community. Some foreigners in Japan feel they are separated from Japanese people, but Josh who lives near Osaka decided to really get involved in is community. Josh talks about his involvement with multiple community organizations in Japan and how it has given him a sense of place here.


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Just Japan Podcast 50: Community Involvement
Just Japan Podcast 50: Community Involvement


The Just Japan Podcast had a great week. We got a few wonderful nods from some great websites!

Check out the write up on the Just Japan Podcast on MoarGeek.com

Episode 48 of the podcast “Fast Food in Japan” was featured on the GaijinPot Blog! 

BusanKevin.com was featured on the Tofugu.com Facebook page!



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