Just Japan Podcast 43: Journey to Japan


In Episode 43 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O’Shea talks to YouTube video blogger Josh Hill (jHillLife on YouTube) about his journey to Japan. Josh discusses how his love of Japan and Japanese culture formed and how he was able to make the move from England to Japan and start a new and exciting life in Tokyo. Kevin also answers your questions in his Japan FAQ mail bag section and talks about the winter holidays here in Japan.

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Just Japan Podcast 43: Journey to Japan
Just Japan Podcast 43: Journey to Japan

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  1. First of all, Happy Holidays!
    My name is Francis, I was an exchange student in university in Tokyo and currently still finishing my undergraduate degree in Manila, Philippines.
    What I would just like to say is that your podcasts are really cool! I listen to them before I go to sleep and it just takes me back to the everyday life I experienced as a foreigner in Japan. Talking about coincidently meeting fans in this podcast made me post a comment and I just wish you more power on here!
    Similarly, I would also like to try to apply to jobs in Japan and my dream is to make it big some day there. I agree that one should not just settle for teaching English in Japan. The challenge is getting there and immediately finding a career that suits you for the long term.
    I also noticed that most of your guests are from the western world and you did say that this is an international podcast. Have you ever had a guest who was an Asian foreigner in Japan? I learned that the Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos make up most of the foreigner population in Japan. It might be interesting seeing Japan from the majority of the foreign population.
    That’s all I can say for now. Thank you for letting me listen to your podcasts and I look forward to listening to more! Have a good day, Kevin!


    • Thats awesome!

      Thank you so much for the kind words and im very happy that you enjoy the podcast.

      You make anvery good point about the podcast. I should defintely get some Asian folks living in Japan as guests!

      So many stories I want to share on the podcast and so many people i want to talk to. I wish I could split myself in half and make 2-3 podcasts a week.



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